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Cracktastic KojuSasu
Sasuke and Yukimura were now living in Oushuu. The younger man spent all of his time with his husband Masamune which left the ninja with the Dragon's right eye. It was obvious that Kojuro liked him and maybe Sasuke liked him back but after all his time chasing Kasuga he didn't want people to think the older man was a replacement.
Its a good thing I'm a ninja or else avoiding him would be difficult...
He stalked around the compound looking for his Master until he heard a familiar voice calling him.
"Ah, Sasuke. I've been looking for you." Said ninja turned around to see the person he'd been trying to avoid.
"Oh...Hey Katakura. Need something?" He asked in his usual manner as he tried not to seem suspicious.
"Sanada wanted me to tell you that he wanted to be alone with Lord Masamune for the rest of the evening."
"I guess this saves me from looking for him..." Sasuke sighed as he wondered what to do with himself. Kojuro noticed this.
"Something wrong?"
"No its nothing really. Since
:iconstoryweaverkirea:StoryWeaverKirea 15 94
Love Bites Chap.1
As the last school bell rang I parted ways with Roxas with a short 'cya' and walked out of class after getting my homework, and after turning down the hall to get to his locker he felt someone hold onto his shoulder to get his attention,
"Sooooora!! Why are you just blowing me ooooooff?!?!" at the sound of the hyper tone in her voice and the closeness I knew who it was even if I had been deaf,
"Sorry Yuffie, I'm just…well distant" I answered as truthfully as I could which really I had been, trying to get focused on school work when I had almost every class with my secret.
"Ah I see.. your thinking about HIM again? Huh,  huh,  HUH?!" She was persistent…
"Hey guys!"
I looked over at the source of the foreign voice and saw my long time friend Kairi, she walked over and hugged Yuffie, instantly both leaving me to go into their own girl world where it was all boy's, makeup, and all that jazz.
I was about to rip my ears from my head when I heard what I thought w
:iconsasusaku12345:SASUSAKU12345 3 636
"Kyoya, ever heard of this saying?" Dino pushed open the window, allowing a cool breeze to rush in.
Hibari closed the file he was reading and looked up.

Walking out from the restaurant, Hibari found himself in the middle of a noisy crowd on the street.
He could clearly hear the chattering and laughing from the guardians behind him, and perhaps some cursing from the hot-headed guardian.
The noise was annoying him. He didn't like how he was surrounded, he didn't like being in the middle of a crowd.
The voice was so clear.
Hibari shifted his vision from the ground and looked to his side. All he saw were people that he did not know.
"Kyoya, right here."
Turning, Hibari saw Dino standing in the middle of the crowd, smiling at him. He was so far away from him.
So far.
Hibari immediately took a few steps forward to follow Cavallone when he saw the blonde turn to leave.
"Gokudera, you're so funny!"
"I didn't mean that as a joke, you baseb
:iconthpeekaboo:thpeekaboo 25 23
~Yamamoto Takeshi would like to chat with you~
The storm guardian smiled at the computer screen.
Gokudera: What?
Yamamoto: Hey :)
Yamamoto: What did I do?
Gokudera: I still manage to see that stupid smirk of yours through the computer….
Yamamoto: Awww, glad to see your thinking of me <3
Gokudera: What the hell is that?
Yamamoto: What is what?
Gokudera: That… Symbol.
Yamamoto: <3?
Gokudera: Yes, that one… What the hell is it?
Yamamoto: Oh, it's a heart… Tilt your head sideways.
The storm guardian tilted his head, feeling a little stupid, and after a while made sense that it was a heart.
Gokudera: That is stupid.
Yamamoto: Really? I think its cute. Just like you ;)
Gokudera blushed, but wore a slightly angry face.
Gokudera: ***IT'S.
Gokudera: Use correct grammar when you're talking to me…
Yamamoto: Why can't you just take the compliment Dera?
Gokudera: When you use correct grammar I will. I don't except compliments from idiots.
:iconkattak0113:kattak0113 31 16

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Hey guys, thanks to all the new people for joining this group! That actually makes me really glad. And sorry I haven't replied to people lately I've been busy with school and such. So maybe we should do something to liven this group so more? How about if we reach a goal of at least 25 members we can hold a contest? I'll get into more detail about that after we reach that goal.

Still looking for some admins so let me know anyway at all and I'll be happy to get that up for you!

Also thanks to :icondaliteraturecontests: and :iconliteratureforpoints: for affiliate with this group~ Don't be afraid to check their page out too they have all kinds of cool stuff.

Well that's about it...I'll try to remember to long onto dA next time xD

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Any Affiliates will be welcomed to this group. Just let me know and I'll accept it :heart:


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ExcaliburSonic Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2011
Hey, is there a way for me to submit to the other folders besides featured? I'm having a bit of trouble with that...
ExcaliburSonic Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2011
Hey, is there a way for me to submit to the other folders besides featured? I'm having a bit of trouble with that...
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